Arriving in Tōhokuj

After two days resting in Hakodate and taking the ferry to Aomori, I was back on wheels. In Aomori I did couchsurfinig for the first time in the trip as days were turning colder and cities bigger.

From Aomori I departed in the morning and did not have time to wander around town. I headed to Hirosaki, a famous castle town in Tohōku region. I visited the castle and the gardens which were beautifully colored due to the changing to autumn. There was also autumn flower festival were I had the chance to meet one of the workers who spoke spanish and is a teacher of Japanese in Argentina, so I asked her for a class of Japanese in exchange of a coffee. It was my firs real contact with the language from an educational point and was very useful as I got to understand the grammar a little bit and started to make an effort in learning the language.

From Hirosaki I had to cross the mountain range to arrive in the Kosaka region where I had my second flat tire of the trip just because not stoping to check problems. I put too much air in the tire to reduce friction and gain some speed but the bad condition of some of the parts of the bike paths pushed the inside of the tire out of this one and eventually flattened. After repairing I kept going until the next town, where I camp in the grounds of a temple in Hachimantai.

The next day I arrived in Morioka where I was doing couchsurfing again, but the host was busy until midnight so I had to wait until then. I decided to busk a little bit to kill time and was extremely good as shortly after I started a woman and her daughter just stoped by and ask me if I liked sushi and ended up in high class sushi restaurant having a really good time and sharing good moments. They also invited me to have lunch next day in their place which was in my way down. After dinner I went busking again and after making some good money a guy came and told me to go for some beers so again I took the offer and went for beers with him until midnight, that I met the host unfortunately not for long as next morning he had to study because it was exam period.

As promised the day before, I stopped by Koko’s house taking the invitation for lunch from the previous night. The weather was pretty bad that day and they invited me to stay one night so I did. Koko is a teacher of sushi (the one that have drawings inside) so she taught me some sushi and we shared some chatting with her family and friends along with some delicious food!


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