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“A todo hombre le es concedido conocerse a sí mismo y meditar sabiamente.” (Heráclito de Efeso)

Después del maravilloso viaje que hice por la isla sur y antes de llegar a Australia, donde me encuentro, y tras haber hablado con gente que lo había echo y con fin de aumentar mi conocimiento en el campo decidí hacer un curso de meditación. Un curso intenso pero totalmente gratificante donde pude descubrir durante los diez días que duraba el grandísimo poder que tiene la mente y como poder controlarla, observarla y manejarla.
Estoy totalmente satisfecho con el resultado aunque no fuera para nada lo que yo pensaba que era y animo a todo el mundo a que lo haga y disfrute de sus beneficios inmediatos. Estoy seguro que compartiréis mi opinión cuando lo termines.
Hay centros repartidos por todo el mundo y podéis mirar más información en su web

“A trap is only a trap if you don’t know about it. If you know about it, it’s a challenge.” (China Miéville, King Rat)

Yes I like challenges so I decided to take two at the time!
I was searching for some things in the web and suddenly I ended up in this website
After reading a couple of posts and found them very interesting I have decided to have two of the challenges proposed.
The first one it is a intermittent fast diet which consist in at least once a week, pick a day were you cannot eat anything in 16h (14h for women) after that you can eat regularly.
Apparently it has a lot of benefit some of them I am quoting from the blog I read. So if you want to know more you should read the post. (I do not want to quote the whole article!)
  • Increased Fatty Acid Oxidation (Body burns more fat as energy, leading to fast weight loss)
  • Increased Cell Resistance (Slowed down ageing process, improved immunity)
  • Increased Insulin Sensitivity (Less fluctuation in blood sugar levels, more constant energy & mood levels)
  • Reduced Cortisol Production (Lower stress levels)
  • Reduced Inflammation (Faster body healing, repair, and recovery)
  • Reduced Cancer Cells Proliferation Rate (Reduced incidence of several types of cancer)
  • Reduced Cognitive Decline for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease
  • Reduced Incidence of Heart Disease
  • The second challenge I founded in the same website and consist of taking a cold shower every day during 30 days. It also has some benefit that you can check in the article.
    So yes I know it sounds a little bit crazy, but honestly I am curious and I want to experiment and challenge myself in order to prove I can do it!
    I will keep you informed about how everything is going!!

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