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I am sorry to inform you all, but unfortunately Click Trip Project has been cancelled as the Google Ads account has been invalidated for “illegal clicks”
I am very disappointing and could not do anything. I apply for an appeal but was also denied so the account has been deactivated. As you may see, there is no more advertises in the blog.

This inconvenience makes my trip impossible, as I do not have any budget for the trip and I need to save some money because as you may know I will be heading to Australia soon and I will need to survive until I find a job there.

Anyway I want to thank you all for your support, your patience and your enthusiasm in Click Trip Project. It was good while it lasted. Thank you for spreading the world and make this utopia a little bit of real. I hope some day Click Trip Project could become true and share all that experience with you.
I am already looking for some alternatives to Google Adsense in order to keep with Click Trip Project, some ideas are other publishers providers or direct advertisement. I will keep you informed if there is any change in the status of Click Trip Project.

In the meanwhile I would like to inform you that my foot it is doing so much better and I have started my active life again. The day before yesterday I had my second paragliding lesson and tomorrow I will go for a little bit of climbing. So I will try to keep you informed if any good plan is coming over.

Again, thank you so much for all your help with Click Trip Project!

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” (Paulo Coelho)

Hello again everyone. I know I have been writing in Spanish lately, but I am back into English!!
As you may have notice CLICK TRIP PROJECT has started already and you are very welcome to help me every day with a little bit of your time!!
This week I have been a little bit off the blog as I had a sprained ankle and I have been doing recovery and not so much things happened. Fortunately it was not too bad and I can already walk, and probably by the end of next week start the training for the trip. 
It is very important to be in shape for this kind of survival trips as I will have to carry probably all my food and the backpack will be heavy and there will be lots of km to walk. I will keep also my yoga and climbing training which are always very helpful.
As you may have noticed too I posted a poll so you can help me decide where I should sleep in my trip. I remind you that we all are participants of Click Trip Project.
I have been already searching some good routes for my trip and I will post another poll after the one now finish so we can choose where to go!
Finally let you know that the incomes has been really good in this week and we have collected already 50$ enough for a one way trip to the south island. Now we have to hit at least the next goal 100$ in order to make it possible to go as I need to return!!
Thank you very much to all of your participation and interest. And keep helping me and spreading the world so we can make Click Trip Project possible.


First of all I want to thank all the people who read my blog and enjoy my stories, and thank you for your comments and support through different internet platforms.
I want to introduce you a new project that I have in mind and I want you to participate in it to, because somehow you are also part of my stories.
After a long time thinking about what to do on the month off I have in July here in New Zealand, a lot of ideas came into my mind. Should I visit the south island, how should I pay the trip or where will I find some extra money to make it possible? I needed a plan to give you more stories but as you know my budget here is kind of short so put all the ideas together and came with this project.
Click Trip Project consists in a way of subvention, a way of communication and an interaction with the readers of the blog. It is all my adventures in public for you, where you will be able to choose in some ways things of my trip and I will keep you inform at all time about what is going on out there!
As you may know publicity is one of the most incomes for most of the business nowadays, in fact the major incomes for Google, YouTube and all the internet based companies are the advertisements they have in their websites. Is that big, that any person can make an account and earn some percentage of the publicity.
Here came the solution for my major problem, the money. I have activated as you will probably realize some time in the next two weeks, Google Ads in the blog. This will be my only income for my trip in July. As a challenge, I have decided to use only the money earned from the advertisement that will appear in the blog. Probably a hard challenge as they only pays a 5 to 20 cents ratio from every click in the advertisement. So if you have some free time in front of your computer just take a visit to the blog and make a click so you can help me somehow with your time. Is not that much but maybe 10 clicks can be a couple of meals or 100 a ticket to the south island. So in some way you are now responsible of my trip. As much money as I have will influence how many places I can go, so as many stories as you will have.
The other issue I wanted to bring is to reward you for your time expended visiting my blog or any of the commercials that you will click on. So I came out with the idea of making you participants of the project letting you decide some parameters as could be: destinations, food, transport, etc. You will probably apart from now see some polls going on the website with some questions about my trip so you can give your opinion and as a democracy the option with more answers win.
To sum up, the project consists in:
-Incomes from advertisement
-You can have decisions in my trip
-I will keep you totally updated about the trip
I hope you like the idea and that you get enrolled, because Click Trip Project it is made thanks to all of you!

I will keep you informed!!


Hola a todos de nuevo, lo primero de todo es agradeceros a todos los que seguís el blog por hacerlo y por vuestros comentarios ya sea por las redes sociales o en el blog.
Este post lo escribo para presentaros la nueva idea que voy a llevar a cabo y de la que quiero haceros participes. La he bautizado “Click Trip Project” y ahora entenderéis porque.

Después de un largo tiempo pensando que voy a hacer en el mes de Julio que tengo libre aquí en Nueva Zelanda, me surgieron muchas dudas sobre dónde ir, como o como conseguir subvención. Mi primera idea fue vivir durante un mes en una granja a cambio de comida y alojamiento pero muchos de vosotros me habéis apoyado para que en lugar de eso viaje y os cuente las historias que salgan de esos viajes así que puse toda esas preguntas juntas y surgió esta idea.

Probablemente os hayáis dado cuenta de que la publicidad hoy en día mueve una gran cantidad de dinero. Muchas de las grandes empresas que funcionan en internet, como por ejemplo Google o Youtube, generan la mayoría de sus ingresos gracias a la publicidad. Es tanta la extensión de la publicidad que cualquier persona puede tener una cuenta de Google ads que te permite poner publicidad en tu web a cambio de un mínimo porcentaje del precio que reciben ellos. Así que pensé que esa sería una buena manera de recaudar dinero para mis viajes y lo mejor de todo que lo único que hace falta es unos pocos minutos para hacer click en uno de los anuncios.
Aun así es todo un reto, ya que por cada click solo te dan entre 5-20 céntimos con lo que voy a necesitar vuestra ayuda. En breve, cuando la cuenta de Google Ads se haya activado completamente, empezareis a ver anuncios en el blog que no tienen mayor intención que la de subvencionar el viaje que realizare en julio. Para este proyecto solo voy a utilizar el dinero que consiga con los anuncios del blog, ya sean 1000€ o 1€, por lo que si ayudáis a propagar y a hacer campaña de clicks o lo agradeceré eternamente además de que lo veréis reflejado en las historias que vaya subiendo.

Como no podía ser de otra forma, os mantendré totalmente informados y como recompensa por vuestro tiempo dedicado a los anuncios he decidido haceros participes del proyecto a todos vosotros. Probablemente os preguntareis como ¿verdad? Periódicamente, pondré en el blog varias opciones sobre algún tema que tenga que decidir, como transporte, lugares que visitar o comida. La respuesta con más votos será la que tenga en cuenta a la hora de realizar el viaje. De esta forma este pequeño gran proyecto lo hacemos entre todos!
En resumen, el proyecto costa de 3 partes
-El viaje se financiara única y exclusivamente con el dinero obtenido del blog
-Podréis tomar algunas decisiones mediante encuestas
-Os mantendré totalmente informados del proyecto en todo momento.
Espero que os guste la idea y que colaboréis con ella ya que CLICK TRIP PROJECT se hace gracias a todos vosotros.
Os mantendré informados!

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