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Mongolia, Ulan Bator

After a few days in the Baikal lake and more than 5000 km, we change to the transmongolian train. Leaving Russia was a bit tiring as with the time change our visas where expired for a few hours and we had to pay an adicional 15€ in local currency in order to leave the country.

Ulan Bator train station

Once we entered in Mongolia the landscape changed drastically. The trees disappear little by little leaving a big extension of grass exposed. The land was flattening shortly and we found ourselves in a big plain. From the train you could see small spots in the green canvas of the landscape that were the famous yurts. This tents made with wood and felt with a protective layer outside are the way of living for many Mongolians. Despite they are not as nomads as they used to be, the Yurt can be set up in about 3 hours by 3 experienced people.

Mongolia landscape with Yurts

Mongolian Yurt

Ulan Bator it is another big city with a big change between the city center and the surrounding area, big urban agglomeration of basic buildings and Yurts gather around the city. The people there are quite warming and kind and you can feel the nomadic attitude around every corner. As soon as you leave the city, the landscape change and families campsites, yurts and nomad farms flourish everywhere.

In the city, you can find lots of interesting activity apart of sightseeing. There are many museums and I specially recommend the Mongolian museum of history where you can get an idea of the country and culture which I found very interesting. You can also visit their national theatre show where you can watch among traditional dances and music the very especial contortionist show or the Mongol chant, also called diphonic singing.

Mongolian Parliament

In the countryside are many activities but camping in the nature I would say it is the most important. It does not matter if it is in the dessert, in a valley, in a river or in a mountain, you may see people with their tents preparing a fire or setting up the tent. On top of that you have the Yurts, that spread along the whole country dispersed in the landscape. Many natural places are to be seen in the countryside but if you are passing by Mongolia, the top 3 touristic places out there are the Gengis Kahn statue, the ottoman empire rocks and the yurts situated all over the country.

Gengis Kahn statue

In my opinion, Mongolia it is a must see within Asia countries and specially if you are a nature lover. It is a place to visit and not to pass by, it is a place to interact with the culture and with the people.

Irkust and Baikal lake

One of the rail hotspots of the trans-siberian train it is the city of Irkust which is approximately half of the way toVladivostok, the last stop of the train. Being half way does not make this place special but being the detour for the transmongolian train going to Beijing and having the Baikal lake as one of its main attractions make it a good stopover.

We arrived of course with a little bit of time hangover due to the multiple changes in time zones and we headed directly to the Baikal lake. Our first stop was the museam of the lake where we found very interesting information of the lake for a reasonable price. I totally recomend to go there and inform yourself about the lake. Some curious facts of the lake

  • Biggest fresh water reservoir in the world with about 20% of the whole fresh water on earth.
  • Deepest lake in the world, 1668 m deep.
  • 630km long and 80km in its wider part.
  • Many unique spices lives in it
  • More than 330 rivers flow into the lake

The lake sourrandings are also very beautiful, covered with a green layer of pine trees and valleys that make such a nice environment. The main town in the lake is Listvyanka which is a very touristic place with lots of restaurants, boats companies and a local market. The activities that you can do there goes from hiking arround the lake (there is a Baikal great trail that surround the lake) taking boats of any kind from fast boats to slow ones or even overdrafts, you can take a lift from a ski station to go up a close mountain to get a good sight, there are camping areas arround the lake and you can also walk through town.

The lake it is quite cold as the water comes from the surrounding montains which melts their ice and snow into the lake. The average surface temperature is 4 degrees and in summertime can get up to 11 degrees depending on many factors as the deep or the kind of lake bed in that part. We went in the lake twice and we could experiment the difference in temperature as the first day we guess that the water was arround 6 degrees and the second time arround 11 degrees.

One of the activities that we liked the most was to cross the Angara river in the local ferry to port Baikal. There was a local train still running on steam locomotive and a nice town not affected by the tourism which gave us a great sight of the "real" Rusia. Also we found warmer waters than in Listvyanka.

The city of Irkust it is as well very nice, many beautiful churches and a very interesting museum of the history of the place, the Krayevedcheskiy muzey. It has a lot of nice places arround the river and lots of history. The capital of the siberian Rusia it is a place to visit.

Trans-Siberian Train from Moscow to Irkust 

After a few days in Rusia's capital we took the world famous trans-siberian train that runs 5153 km from Moscow to Irkust. The train take about 3 nights and a half as there are a 6 hour difference between this two cities. The route between them has a total of 19 stops of no  longer than 30 min, and goes over mayor cities in Rusia as Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Novosibirsk or Krasnoyarsk. Due to the short time of the stop, you can only get an insight of the city from its train station unless you decide to stay in the stop and take a following. 

So in this situation we decided to run! Not only to see as much as possible but to exercise a bit as you spend most of the time in te train sitting or lying. Some stations give you more stop time tha others so in some we could just go to the locomotive and back to the train. In some of them we even had time to do the groceries as the restaurant wagon is quite expensive. There are also a great variety of local food, and local products as Siberian hats or smoked fish.

Despite the train it is quite boring some times, the cabinets are confortable enough and it is also a good moment to meet other travelers and share stories and experiences. 
The views from the train changes but you may see mainly forests and the towns in the way. But pay attention or you may loose a beautiful river, lake, or sunset sight. 

I would say that the worst part is going through the time zones as the train runs in Moscow time but the restaurant wagon, the cities which you go through and the daylight runs in local time, so you kind of get time sickness through the trip and loosing time conciseness it is a normal thing. 

You also need to be lucky with your wagon assistant as some Russians may be not as kind as others.

I will let you know from Irkust and the Baikal lake in the next post.

Moscow, the red city

It has been 3 days in Moscow prior to take the trans-siberian train and I have to say that in the few time that I have been  here, I really like the city.

Despite the cirilic russian alphabet that makes every sign very difficult to read and understand, the city itself it is very beautiful and monumental. You can see the greatness of the capital showing off his power through big statues, squares and buildings that you can find in almost every corner in the city.

The subway system it is a marvelous collection of mini museums. Each metro station has a different style and materials that have been used specifically for the style. They use marble, granite, glass and bronze among other materials. I have to say that the saying they have here: "we have the most beautiful subway system in the world" it is totally true as far as I have seen. It is also very cheap transport to move arround the city and very fast and reliable.

The kremlin, which is the old town, it is as well very beautiful and has inside many representative buildings such as the parlament. There are also a few churches and squares inside.
The red square out of the kremlin walls it is called like that not because of red buildings sourrinding it but because in the past the word red use to mean beautiful, so it was called the beautiful square.

Appart from the main sights of the city, we explored a bit more and went to the parks that surround the moskow river. In the Gorki park we found a great colection of Lenin statues and many others from the soviet time. The Lenin park it is also a beautiful place with a triunph arch and a great fountain with a water and music show.

There are many other places that we did not have time enough to explore as the city needs at least 5 or 6 days to be seen in depth.

In the next post I will tell you about the trip in the trans-siberian train!! Stay in tune!!

“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.” (Jack Kerouac)

Yes, it seems to be a long time since I wrote the first post, but it has been a little bit more than a year since then. And as I promise you I am updating the blog with some new stories from then. What a good time to remember New Zealand, just a few days before I depart to Oceania again. This time to finish the big “coutrinent” (country sized continent) of Australia where I want to explore all the places that I could not visit the last time due to the job I had and the studies that I had to do to keep my visa status.
So been a good time to remember, I edited the video called Project NZ that you can see in this post, as an anniversary present, as always a little bit late.

So my phase in France finished satisfactorily as I got two jobs at the end, one in an Irish pub where I really had a good time and learned a lot and of course very nice co-workers and the other one in a supermarket, which was much more serious and mechanically but also rounded by very nice people. Waking up at 5 a.m. to download the trucks coming with the products and renew the stock was a hard job forehand but I got to get used to it quite fast.
Those two jobs and the cheap accommodation I got at my girlfriend’s place gave me some savings to be a little bit more relaxed in Australia although my plan is to busk to move around and hopefully to come back with some pocket money to start up.

I have to say that Bayonne was an impressive little town that astonished me. I could not expect such a combination of nature sports (surf, biking, trekking, climbing…), Landscape (beaches, rivers, mountains, forest…) and culture. Specially this last one, I could not image such a divers and interesting culture that is the Basque culture, and the amount of foreign people that live and enjoy it. And for sure, I had to say that I am so happy to have known all the musicians I have met at Bayonne. That was definitely the key of these two months there that seemed only a few days and make me want to go back there at some point of my life to enjoy it again.

I have to say that the weather was not the best, but apparently summer, it is the season to be especially just before or after. So if you have the chance you should visit it!

Coming back to the anniversary topic, thank all of you which read and watch my videos because that really gives me strength to continue posting. At today’s date there is 3815, almost 4000 visit in a little bit more than a year from 44 different countries.
I hope you are enjoying the stories and the advices I give you as much as I enjoy it when I tell you all that stuff. And feel free to comment and give some feedback if you find it necessary, will be very nice.

So I also take this chance to encourage you all to travel to discover your limits and engage with new cultures, new languages and new people, brake your barriers that hold you to that place and explore the world before it is too late, and I do not mean your age, have some good stories to tell to your kids or friends and grow as a person opening your mind with an intercultural point of view, that I am pretty sure that will be helpful in your lives somehow. Even the bad experiences are experiences. 

So in words of Kerouac: “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.” 

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” (Jack Kerouac)

I got some fresh news!

Last weekend Fatima and I just decided on Saturday to go somewhere, so on that exact same day we went to buy a tent, some food and left to the east side heading to Toulouse direction.
We decided to go hitchhiking which turned to be not as easy as we thought it was going to be. We thought that it was going to be as easy as in Beçanson northeast part of France that we already travel around the region hitchhiking two years ago and was pretty easy.
That afternoon we got a bad ride which left us in a highway exit with no traffic at all and after one hour and a half we decided to return to Bayonne to start again. This time we stayed at the Toll. This was not a very good option as the police came and after a well deserved speech, drove us to a safest place to hitchhike. It was already late so finally another police car showed up from nowhere and drove us home. So the balance for the day was: a ride to nowhere, a ride from nowhere to the start point, a police car ride to a safe place to hitchhike and another police ride back home.
Probably the fact that we started a little bit late due to all the shopping and the rush decision, with a bad ride on top made us to return home that day to start properly on Sunday morning.

Hitch-hiking in our way to Toulose

Sunday was much better, we started at 8 am and go quite easy until we got stucked in a small town which took us almost 4 hours to get out from, but finally we arrived at Toulouse, our final destination, at 17.30, where we stayed at a Fatima’s friends for the night.

Next day we continued east direction to visit some beautiful towns that Fatima’s friends recommended: Gaillac, Albi, Cordes sur Ciel. Which are truly beautiful.
We stayed that night in Albi where we set up our tent and drunk a bottle of wine that we bought that day in Gaillac (Famous for its wines)

Panormic of Albi from one of its bridges

Next day we went to Cordes sur Ciel which it is a very touristy medieval town, and very beautiful. In the afternoon we came back to Toulouse were we met again our friends and visit a little bit more Toulouse spending some more time with our friends.

Wednesday morning, we decided to return to Bayonne as I had to work on Thursday afternoon in an Irish Pub.

We started a little bit late as we decided to have a nice and quite breakfast with our friend. So with a beautiful and shiny day we came back to Bayonne little by little between the National road, and the Highway. We got lucky as our last ride was just a little bit before camping in the side of the road which allowed us to get back home that night and sleep at home.

Sunset at Toulouse

Now everything seems to be going better as I have some work this weekend in the Irish pub and the weather it is being sunny and quite which also helps!

“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.” (John Lenon)

Well, so I know it has been a long time without writing in English but it is hard to keep it when my entire environment it is in another language. Especially now that I am living in France and I have to think in a different language than Spanish or English that I can handle them quite good.
So I am taking my past birthday as an excuse to post back in English. A quarter of a century it is a remarkable age and that it is why I have some few projects to be finished very soon, so keep an eye on the updates.
Coming back to where I left you, I finished my surf trip with my friend Hiro and I have to say that was pretty amazing, we expended much more money than expected, but the trip in general was incredible.
We spent 42 days around Spain, France, Portugal and Morocco. Here is the draft of what we did.
We started in Malaga, the Headquarters of the trip, as my family lives there. After that, we visit Granada for a couple of days to enjoy that magic atmosphere of culture, music, food and nightlife that it is that maze of streets, bars and monuments.
We did a little detour to Cordoba where we could enjoy the monuments there and some good food as well, but was very express stop. We headed then to Barcelona, our first seaside town in the way, we were very excited to see the sea again and maybe some waves to start with, in our trip but unfortunately we did not find any so we just did sightseeing around and continue to Zaragoza where my good friend Jose Maria hosted us and showed us the town where we had some good moments.

Hiro and me by the “Sagrada Familia” (Barcelona)

 After all that and with a small stop to say hello to a friend in Pamplona, we arrived to Bayonne, our first long stop in the way and where we stayed for 4 days. Unfortunately we could surf only one day in the area due to massive waves provoked by a huge storm which even destroyed some of the seaside buildings. We had some good times there, but there was not much surf so we decided to continue our trip in the west direction.
We were certainly hunting waves but the stormy weather was not helping much so we try to find that spot where we could surf. We a had a bit in Zarautz where we spent one night and also in Santander where we did the same but not much luck in highlighted spots like Mundaka due to the weather.
With this conditions and the amount of gas that we were expending we decided to rush up a little bit in our way down to the south. We stop in Santiago de Compostela for a quick sightseeing and kept going south.
as the bad weather was coming from the west, we did not find much going on at that moment in that part of Portugal so we did a bit of tourism in Porto, and Lisbon and finally arrived to the south part of Portugal, Sagres where we found a very good spot where we decided to stay for 4 days to catch up with the previous bad days.
The south gave us some sun which clearly cheered us up and we also found some good waves in Portugal and in the south Atlantic coast of Spain. We arrived then to Algeciras where we did a bit of a pit stop for another few days, before continuing our adventure in a different continent, Africa.
Morocco was probably the best part of the trip, probably influenced by the good weather and some good waves. But on the other hand all the premonitions and previous tips became true. Good weather, good waves, corrupt police, some annoying vendors, and in general honest people with good heart.
We crossed the strait of Gibraltar from Algeciras to Ceuta, with “viajes trujillo”, in local’s words “the cheapest travel agency to cross the straight” and so it was when we compared with the other companies at the port.

As soon as we arrived to Morocco we tried to head south as fast as we could, as the majority of spots are around Agadir area. The first night we slept in Rabat the capital, where we did not have much luck as we were kicked out four times from the places where we were sleeping until finally we decided to leave the city. After we went to Casablanca just for the sightseeing, and we continued our way down until we founded a cool place to crash with the car in Souira a bit before Essaouira. In Essaouira we experienced the corruption of the police and we left the town without surfing as that pissed us off.
Finally we arrived to Agadir area where we stayed for one whole week. We established the camp in Banana Beach where we slept all the nights and just move around during the day just to find the best wave around.

Me at our campsite in Banana beach
To make our stay at the beach more comfortable we built with rocks and logs a kitchen, a bench, a personal “clean” beach, and also a nice flag.
About the area I have to say that it is quite cheap if you avoid the big touristic areas and that the best waves you can find them in Killer point if the conditions are good for sure.
In our Way back we decided to go through Marrakech were we did some tourism and chill around before a big trip going back to Spain.
So basically that was our amazing trip which ended with a long wait in the border as they did not want to let Hiro come back to Spain.

Hiro and me Roadtriping somewhere in Morocco

After that our pockets were quite damaged and Hiro returned back to Australia as he had planned and I head my way to France to live in Bayonne where my girlfriend Fatima lives and hoping to find a job in order to save some money before returning to Australia the 20th of May.
I have to say that in the month that I have been in France, I did not work so much as I did only one day but I had such a good time with good friends that I have met here. Most of them remarked musicians which had tour around France and other countries in the world.
I encourage you to check some of their music which you can easily find in YouTube and even in spotify
-Anatole Schoeffler
-Baptiste Daleman
If you cannot find them, I have them added in this Spotify list.
I remind you that soon I will be releasing some new material from NZ and also some planning of my next trip to Australia!!
Until then make sure you keep an eye for new post!!

“I can’t afford to hate anyone. I don’t have that kind of time.” (Akira Kurosawa)

As I promise you I am going to keep you more updated and my goal is once a week.
After I left the job I have been more relaxed dedicating myself to Surf, Jacuzzi and sauna in the morning and playing some music in the afternoon or just chilling and playing some sports movies.
But our mainly activity has been to prepare the surf trip that probably will change our lives and I have to say that I feel so happy and looking so forward to it.
If you are interested in the surf trip that we have planned and want to follow our adventures, we have created a Facebook page called Endless Winter.
So today I have already packed my two surfboards that are going to Spain after I bought another board which I founded second hand really cheap. Tomorrow I will have to make a cardboard box and put everything inside so they will not charge me an extra 60$ which will be more expensive than the flight itself. And after 4 days with an old friend in Sydney I will finally take my flight heading to Spain.

In this free time I have some music and video suggestions that I have been checking lately:


-For the reagge lovers, there is a group from New Zealand that you may want to check it out. It is called Katchafire.


-I want to share also a Magnificent movie that Hiro showed me the other day and that I think that in part is how Spain is feeling at the moment and probably what will happen if the situation does not change.

Next week I will be busy travelling and visiting family so I will do my best to post which will be from Spain,  so I want to take the chance to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!!

P.S: I have added some pictures to some of my old post with some pictures of my last trip in New Zealand so feel free to check them out!

“Money won’t create succes, the freedom to make it will.” (Nelson Mandela)

With every ending there is a new beginning and here is my end in the bike-taxi job that I told you before or at least for a while.
The new plans ahead look much better and exciting and I am really looking forward to start them.
After 4 months working in the bikes and made a little bit of savings it is time to travel and experience the culture of this country.
This time I have a partner in my adventures, Hiro, the Japanese guy from my job it is joining me in this story.
As he is coming to Spain and we have planned a 6000km surf trip around Spain, France, Portugal and Morocco we need to save all the money that we have save in this past months so that is why we are getting into survival mode.
The plan: no plan, no money, just go with the flow. Busking, sleeping in the beach surfing and crushing in friends couches with for sure lots of crazy stories is the prevision for the next 15 days.
At first point we have a place to crash for a week while we finish visiting all the surf spots around before heading to Byron bay where some good vibes and friends are ready to welcome us and share lots of good times.

I will keep you updated more regularly now I have more spare time!!

“I don’t care what you say to me. I care what you share with me.” (Santosh Kalwar)

So now that I am catching up in the blog I’m going to update a little bit with some cool contents from last months:
First of all congratulate my friends at Bigote Films for their amazing last release and their first time appearing in a magazine
So just enjoy the video
I also have another friend who it is starting to spread his work around the world and may need some push. So feel free to check out his stuff and project and support him if you like his work!!
You can also check out what my actual job is and how much fun I am having in the website of the company:
And also if you are around Australia and you need some spot in this job, let me know and I’ll get you recommended so you will have preference in the waiting list!
In the music and arts field I have to say that I have not had enough time to explore some new things in deep but I have a couple of names that you should definitely check it out:
-Mongol 800 (Japanese Rock Music)
-Michael Franti & Spearhead
-Muerdo (Paskual Kantero)
In the movies field I have been checking some Japanese stuff and I will recommend you specially the documentary:
-Jiro’s Dream (about shushi makers)
As you may notice, now I am focused pretty much in saving some money and going surfing which is my new passion which keep me going, and because of that I have not so much stuff to research but I feel that new projects will come up soon as I am going back to Spain for Christmas and probably I will do some scouting here in OZ before going back!!

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