China, Beijing 

The capital of China it is just a different world. It is a massive city, with massive population, massive tourism and unfortunately massive pollution. Beijing offers anything that the traveler may need, monuments, museums, palaces and many more attractions. The gastronomy it is very wide and you can find many different dishes but the specialty it is the Beijing duck. There are also very popular street foods which we found very interesting and cheap.

The must see in the capital are the Forbidden city, the summer palace, the national museum of china (you will spend at least one day to see it all) and if you have more time you could see the hundred-flower garden which it is situated in the park of the hill of prayers and the circular altar. There are also more than 100 museums located along the city. The subway it is super cheap so makes it a very good option to move around.

Among the many comercial areas we found 2 very interesting ones, the Wangfujing snack street which is full os street food shops where you can find rare specialties such scorpions or grasshoppers, and also some souvenirs, and the other place it is located in Dazhalan street and Its surrounding area. Many different shop and food places are found in this area but explore specially the east part as there are artisanal streets with arts shops and good prices.

Of course do not miss the Great Wall, One of the 7 wonders of the world!!! From there are many access points to several sections BUT be careful which section you go as you may find lots of tourist to the point of impossible. As far as we heard the worst location it is Balding which is the closest and the best preserved one. We visited the SIMATAI section which has an impressive view over the mountains and also the river that cross the wall. On top of that, the access point is the Gubei water town, a traditional village that was restored for tourism propurses. Despite it is a touristic place has nice sights around and you can get an idea of how it was in the past.

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