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Well, so I know it has been a long time without writing in English but it is hard to keep it when my entire environment it is in another language. Especially now that I am living in France and I have to think in a different language than Spanish or English that I can handle them quite good.
So I am taking my past birthday as an excuse to post back in English. A quarter of a century it is a remarkable age and that it is why I have some few projects to be finished very soon, so keep an eye on the updates.
Coming back to where I left you, I finished my surf trip with my friend Hiro and I have to say that was pretty amazing, we expended much more money than expected, but the trip in general was incredible.
We spent 42 days around Spain, France, Portugal and Morocco. Here is the draft of what we did.
We started in Malaga, the Headquarters of the trip, as my family lives there. After that, we visit Granada for a couple of days to enjoy that magic atmosphere of culture, music, food and nightlife that it is that maze of streets, bars and monuments.
We did a little detour to Cordoba where we could enjoy the monuments there and some good food as well, but was very express stop. We headed then to Barcelona, our first seaside town in the way, we were very excited to see the sea again and maybe some waves to start with, in our trip but unfortunately we did not find any so we just did sightseeing around and continue to Zaragoza where my good friend Jose Maria hosted us and showed us the town where we had some good moments.

Hiro and me by the “Sagrada Familia” (Barcelona)

 After all that and with a small stop to say hello to a friend in Pamplona, we arrived to Bayonne, our first long stop in the way and where we stayed for 4 days. Unfortunately we could surf only one day in the area due to massive waves provoked by a huge storm which even destroyed some of the seaside buildings. We had some good times there, but there was not much surf so we decided to continue our trip in the west direction.
We were certainly hunting waves but the stormy weather was not helping much so we try to find that spot where we could surf. We a had a bit in Zarautz where we spent one night and also in Santander where we did the same but not much luck in highlighted spots like Mundaka due to the weather.
With this conditions and the amount of gas that we were expending we decided to rush up a little bit in our way down to the south. We stop in Santiago de Compostela for a quick sightseeing and kept going south.
as the bad weather was coming from the west, we did not find much going on at that moment in that part of Portugal so we did a bit of tourism in Porto, and Lisbon and finally arrived to the south part of Portugal, Sagres where we found a very good spot where we decided to stay for 4 days to catch up with the previous bad days.
The south gave us some sun which clearly cheered us up and we also found some good waves in Portugal and in the south Atlantic coast of Spain. We arrived then to Algeciras where we did a bit of a pit stop for another few days, before continuing our adventure in a different continent, Africa.
Morocco was probably the best part of the trip, probably influenced by the good weather and some good waves. But on the other hand all the premonitions and previous tips became true. Good weather, good waves, corrupt police, some annoying vendors, and in general honest people with good heart.
We crossed the strait of Gibraltar from Algeciras to Ceuta, with “viajes trujillo”, in local’s words “the cheapest travel agency to cross the straight” and so it was when we compared with the other companies at the port.

As soon as we arrived to Morocco we tried to head south as fast as we could, as the majority of spots are around Agadir area. The first night we slept in Rabat the capital, where we did not have much luck as we were kicked out four times from the places where we were sleeping until finally we decided to leave the city. After we went to Casablanca just for the sightseeing, and we continued our way down until we founded a cool place to crash with the car in Souira a bit before Essaouira. In Essaouira we experienced the corruption of the police and we left the town without surfing as that pissed us off.
Finally we arrived to Agadir area where we stayed for one whole week. We established the camp in Banana Beach where we slept all the nights and just move around during the day just to find the best wave around.

Me at our campsite in Banana beach
To make our stay at the beach more comfortable we built with rocks and logs a kitchen, a bench, a personal “clean” beach, and also a nice flag.
About the area I have to say that it is quite cheap if you avoid the big touristic areas and that the best waves you can find them in Killer point if the conditions are good for sure.
In our Way back we decided to go through Marrakech were we did some tourism and chill around before a big trip going back to Spain.
So basically that was our amazing trip which ended with a long wait in the border as they did not want to let Hiro come back to Spain.

Hiro and me Roadtriping somewhere in Morocco

After that our pockets were quite damaged and Hiro returned back to Australia as he had planned and I head my way to France to live in Bayonne where my girlfriend Fatima lives and hoping to find a job in order to save some money before returning to Australia the 20th of May.
I have to say that in the month that I have been in France, I did not work so much as I did only one day but I had such a good time with good friends that I have met here. Most of them remarked musicians which had tour around France and other countries in the world.
I encourage you to check some of their music which you can easily find in YouTube and even in spotify
-Anatole Schoeffler
-Baptiste Daleman
If you cannot find them, I have them added in this Spotify list.
I remind you that soon I will be releasing some new material from NZ and also some planning of my next trip to Australia!!
Until then make sure you keep an eye for new post!!

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