Enjoying Hokkaido and its people

So next day after Chiba’s farm, the knee was not doing pretty good but the day was kind of short, only 74km. And I was staying in Yoshi’s farm, another host from warm showers. So I could rest my knee a bit. But Yoshi’s family turned to be the most kind and welcoming thing that happened to me so far in the trip that I decided to stay 3 days in the dairy farm helping them milking and enjoying with this nice family. We shared some good food and stories and learn one from each other. Was magical! I went playing volleyball with Yoshi in the local meeting and cook some spanish tortilla for them. We made some fixing and improved the bike (Good Mama) placing a new handle bar and new seat bar. I got pretty good memories from here.

One of the days I went to Kussharo-ko (ko=lake) a beautiful place with some natural spa (onsen) I went skinny dipping in the onsen and in the lake. Was an incredible atmosphere of the mountains with the snow and and the lake with the onsen.

I went hitch hiking so I met some very nice people in the way there and back. The last person, Yukata, a farmer for wine and dairy, took me all the way back to Yoshi’s farm.

Pretty good days where I could heel my knee a bit and meeting some amazing people before keep going.

The next day continued my way to Kushiro already in the south coast where I could camp in a local park. Next day was not very good. I started the day with a flat tire. I spent half morning fixing and finally buying a new tire. After there I kept going this time with face wind which slowed me more than expected and ended up camping in the middle of a storm half way where I planed to arrive. Next day I could finish the section and get to Hiroo where I found an abandoned camping (at least for the season) with wood and fireplaces. Despite the wood being quite wet from the storm my desire of making a fire was bigger so after a while I got my perfect campsite set up, tent and fire where I also took the chance to cook.

The next two days where not so bad except for the face wind which made the days pretty slow and long until I made it to Tomakomai, only 4 days away from Hakodate if everything goes well.

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