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Heading south!

After all the visit to the city of Lima and some surfing days, we dicided to go south. This was due to the bad conditions of the roads and, as consequence, the cancelation of many transports lines going north caused by the floads that the country suffered in the previous months.

As we did not have much time to head to Arequipa and the Nazca lines seamed very expensive to visit for the obvious reason of jumping on a plane to see the lines, we decided to go to Ica, a city in the middle of the dessert.

From Ica we went to Huacachina a super nice Oasis in the middle of the dessert a few km away from Ica. We took a nice and cheap moto tuktuk to Huacachina where we spend a night sleepin in the dunes close to the oasis. Although it is not legally permitted, the police will not say anything if you set up your tent late and do not make so much noise.

Next mornig we went to clean the dunes in exchange for a boogy ride, we started at 6am to avoid high temperatures in the dessert. The boogy ride was super nice and so the people who helped cleaning dunes.

After Huacachina we decided to go to Paracas a nearby city 1h away from Ica, close to the sea and a beautiful and arid national park where we saw super cool beaches and pelicans. There we spend another night in a rented room and visited the national park the next day before coming back to Lima for the last days.

Check the following video with some footage from the trip!

Heading south! from Jorge on Vimeo.

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