Hello Japan, I came to ride you!

So after arriving in Sapporo, my first destination in Japan, I started to run the plan. Buying a bike and ride around Japan, one of the few ways to survive with the budget I have per month. First things solved, the accommodation. As I learned a little bit of esperanto for the congress in Seoul I decided to use the Pasporta Servo which is a hosting community for people who speak Esperanto. So I managed to stay in the house of a very friendly man which not only invited me some food but even came with me to help me in my quest of finding a bike to ride Japan.

I had many options but no much money As I spent most in Korea and the flight ticket.

So that left me with of course second hand and very little variety, basically Holland style bikes. After thinking and trying many I decided to buy the cheapest one 3500¥ and fix it my self. I bought some tools some parts and a few extras like touring packs and an odometer. The only problem of buying a bike that cheap, is that all the things you buy are much expensive than the bike itself, for example the touring packs 5000¥ second hand.

So The first plan that came to my mind was to go around Hokkaido island following the coastline. People was saying that was a bit latte for a bike trip in Hokkaido as the weather is becoming so cold but I had literally no choice if I did not want to come in spring. So I will walk on the line starting my trip in half October just before the snow hits in.

New tent, bike and life just starting. For the next few months my home will be my tent and my transportation the bike.

The first few days were quite hard a cold wave just hit Hokkaido and the temperatures were very low. My hands were freezing so bad that I had to buy warm pouches and placed them in my gloves. Took me 4 days to get to Wakkanai in the north part of Hokkaido island where I took a ferry to Rishiri island to climb the mountain and enjoy the island.

Rishiri must be nice in summer as in October the only good thing was that there was little people in the road and in the mountain. I decided to clim up for sunrise to Rishiri-zan, the mountain, so I started walking around 3am for a great rewarding peak (almost) sunrise. Already good packed in snow but just in the edge of needing equipment to go up the top.

I need to rush otherwise the snow will caught me and will be pretty hard to continue with the bike!

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