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As I promise you I am going to keep you more updated and my goal is once a week.
After I left the job I have been more relaxed dedicating myself to Surf, Jacuzzi and sauna in the morning and playing some music in the afternoon or just chilling and playing some sports movies.
But our mainly activity has been to prepare the surf trip that probably will change our lives and I have to say that I feel so happy and looking so forward to it.
If you are interested in the surf trip that we have planned and want to follow our adventures, we have created a Facebook page called Endless Winter.
So today I have already packed my two surfboards that are going to Spain after I bought another board which I founded second hand really cheap. Tomorrow I will have to make a cardboard box and put everything inside so they will not charge me an extra 60$ which will be more expensive than the flight itself. And after 4 days with an old friend in Sydney I will finally take my flight heading to Spain.

In this free time I have some music and video suggestions that I have been checking lately:


-For the reagge lovers, there is a group from New Zealand that you may want to check it out. It is called Katchafire.


-I want to share also a Magnificent movie that Hiro showed me the other day and that I think that in part is how Spain is feeling at the moment and probably what will happen if the situation does not change.

Next week I will be busy travelling and visiting family so I will do my best to post which will be from Spain,  so I want to take the chance to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!!

P.S: I have added some pictures to some of my old post with some pictures of my last trip in New Zealand so feel free to check them out!

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