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“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true…

Hello again everyone. I know I have been writing in Spanish lately, but I am back into English!!
As you may have notice CLICK TRIP PROJECT has started already and you are very welcome to help me every day with a little bit of your time!!
This week I have been a little bit off the blog as I had a sprained ankle and I have been doing recovery and not so much things happened. Fortunately it was not too bad and I can already walk, and probably by the end of next week start the training for the trip. 
It is very important to be in shape for this kind of survival trips as I will have to carry probably all my food and the backpack will be heavy and there will be lots of km to walk. I will keep also my yoga and climbing training which are always very helpful.
As you may have noticed too I posted a poll so you can help me decide where I should sleep in my trip. I remind you that we all are participants of Click Trip Project.
I have been already searching some good routes for my trip and I will post another poll after the one now finish so we can choose where to go!
Finally let you know that the incomes has been really good in this week and we have collected already 50$ enough for a one way trip to the south island. Now we have to hit at least the next goal 100$ in order to make it possible to go as I need to return!!
Thank you very much to all of your participation and interest. And keep helping me and spreading the world so we can make Click Trip Project possible.

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