Jeju island and Olle gil (trail)

So after 17 in korea’s biggest island, Jeju, I am in the plane flying back to the mainland! In these days here I got to meet wonderful and kind people, and to enjoy the island natural landscapes. The first few days while I waited for Eloi, a friend I met in Busan, to start a trail around the island, I explored the surrounding area of Jeju-si (main town in the island) and went surfing to the south part of the island. While surfing I met a guy who invited me to his guesthouse and we had a very nice nice time.

Once Eloi arrived in the island we got ready for the adventure to come, the Olle-gil trail. The path goes around the island crossing the main hotspots and many of the Oreums (small volcanos) for over 400km. As we were a bit short in time, we decided to finish the 21 paths in 14 days, so most of the days we had to walk more than 1 section per day. So we had to keep the average over 25km per day.

While walking around the island we got to see some beautiful beaches in the north part of the island specially, some wild and unexploited areas in the west part, in there where more cliffs, waterfalls and rivers, and in the east part Udo island, and some incredible volcanoes and craters.

We could not leave the island without visiting the highest mountain of Korea, mount Halla with 1950m altitude.

We camped most of our way except for two days in Segwipo due to a typhoon alert and 2 other days while we went to Halla mountain. The rest of the days we slept most likely in a Jeonja (Korean shelter structure to rest) or set up the tent. Also on day 2 we slept in a monastery under construction as we had lot of rain the previos night and we needed a dry place.

Over all we walked 380km counting mount Hala expedition over the 14 day trip.

We also enjoyed traditional food from Jeju, as raw fish, rice cake balls, or the typical noodles soup with black pork.

The next stop is going back for a few days to the Baekdu Daegan trail that I had to drop last month. This time We will start from the south part, the Jirisan national park.

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