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What to say about this crazy town of almost 11M people!

It is a mix between poor areas and super fancy ones with some really old monuments and buildings.

It is divided in 49 districts but the most relevants are Lima, Callao and La punta represnting the oldest ones with more monuments and Miraflores and Barranco which are the fancy ones where you can find a wide variety of restaurants, pubs, bars and so on.

Very impresive and beautiful La plaza mayor of Lima although you need to be alert where you walk as you may enter some less safes areas specially for tourists. So make sure you ask locals or authorities.

Miraflores and Barranco are safe neighborhoods with a great nightlife going on specially Barranco. In Miraflores visit the Kennedy Park and in barranco you can wander arround the “Municipalidad” (City council).

Well I do not want to bored you so I made a video so you can taste a bit of it.

Un paseo por lima from Jorge on Vimeo.

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