Mongolia, Ulan Bator

After a few days in the Baikal lake and more than 5000 km, we change to the transmongolian train. Leaving Russia was a bit tiring as with the time change our visas where expired for a few hours and we had to pay an adicional 15€ in local currency in order to leave the country.

Ulan Bator train station

Once we entered in Mongolia the landscape changed drastically. The trees disappear little by little leaving a big extension of grass exposed. The land was flattening shortly and we found ourselves in a big plain. From the train you could see small spots in the green canvas of the landscape that were the famous yurts. This tents made with wood and felt with a protective layer outside are the way of living for many Mongolians. Despite they are not as nomads as they used to be, the Yurt can be set up in about 3 hours by 3 experienced people.

Mongolia landscape with Yurts

Mongolian Yurt

Ulan Bator it is another big city with a big change between the city center and the surrounding area, big urban agglomeration of basic buildings and Yurts gather around the city. The people there are quite warming and kind and you can feel the nomadic attitude around every corner. As soon as you leave the city, the landscape change and families campsites, yurts and nomad farms flourish everywhere.

In the city, you can find lots of interesting activity apart of sightseeing. There are many museums and I specially recommend the Mongolian museum of history where you can get an idea of the country and culture which I found very interesting. You can also visit their national theatre show where you can watch among traditional dances and music the very especial contortionist show or the Mongol chant, also called diphonic singing.

Mongolian Parliament

In the countryside are many activities but camping in the nature I would say it is the most important. It does not matter if it is in the dessert, in a valley, in a river or in a mountain, you may see people with their tents preparing a fire or setting up the tent. On top of that you have the Yurts, that spread along the whole country dispersed in the landscape. Many natural places are to be seen in the countryside but if you are passing by Mongolia, the top 3 touristic places out there are the Gengis Kahn statue, the ottoman empire rocks and the yurts situated all over the country.

Gengis Kahn statue

In my opinion, Mongolia it is a must see within Asia countries and specially if you are a nature lover. It is a place to visit and not to pass by, it is a place to interact with the culture and with the people.

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