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Moscow, the red city

It has been 3 days in Moscow prior to take the trans-siberian train and I have to say that in the few time that I have been  here, I really like the city.

Despite the cirilic russian alphabet that makes every sign very difficult to read and understand, the city itself it is very beautiful and monumental. You can see the greatness of the capital showing off his power through big statues, squares and buildings that you can find in almost every corner in the city.

The subway system it is a marvelous collection of mini museums. Each metro station has a different style and materials that have been used specifically for the style. They use marble, granite, glass and bronze among other materials. I have to say that the saying they have here: "we have the most beautiful subway system in the world" it is totally true as far as I have seen. It is also very cheap transport to move arround the city and very fast and reliable.

The kremlin, which is the old town, it is as well very beautiful and has inside many representative buildings such as the parlament. There are also a few churches and squares inside.
The red square out of the kremlin walls it is called like that not because of red buildings sourrinding it but because in the past the word red use to mean beautiful, so it was called the beautiful square.

Appart from the main sights of the city, we explored a bit more and went to the parks that surround the moskow river. In the Gorki park we found a great colection of Lenin statues and many others from the soviet time. The Lenin park it is also a beautiful place with a triunph arch and a great fountain with a water and music show.

There are many other places that we did not have time enough to explore as the city needs at least 5 or 6 days to be seen in depth.

In the next post I will tell you about the trip in the trans-siberian train!! Stay in tune!!

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