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Surfing in Lima

Hey folks!

So it has been 3 days in Lima and so far we have been surfing, eating and preparing our trip to the south of Peru.

The surf here it is incredibly constant, and for people comming from the Mediterranean sea like me, that is amazing. Here you do not even need to check the swell forecast as there is always 1m-1.5m waves. Surfing in the pacific is another story.

The landscape from the sea it is very impressive. You will look to the shoreside and see the beautiful “Malecon” which is the cliff formation that protect the city of Lima from constant wave erosion.

Something else to take care of while you are here is the sun. Super strong and highly dangerous. We got a bit burnt in less than 4h while  we used 50+ sun scream twice.

The gastronomy here it is super famous and it is a well deserved tag as it has a big variety and uses lots of different ingredients.

The main dish here: Ceviche a tasting raw fish mix. You can not miss either the “Lomo slatao” or Papas a la Huancaina among many others.

Even though there are some vegetarian restaurants which transform the tipical dishes to vegetarian or vegan, peruvian gastronomy it is based on fish and meat and it is quite hard to find specialities in the vegetarian category.

In the next post I will update you with some tourism in the city and our trip to the south!



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