The lonely north of the north.

Back from Rishiri in Wakkanai, I spent the night in a camping close to the city center. Next morning I packed early as usual and headed to the northernmost point of Japan, Soyamisaki (Misaki=cape). I was lucky as I got some back wind that helped me get up north. Then I started going southeast following the coast along the route 238 that runs all the way to Abashiri. This road it’s supposed to be one the loneliest roads on Japan so the ride was very quite and enjoyable. Also the sun helped! It took me 3 days to complete this section of 296km. First day I made it to Hamatombetsu from Wakkanai. I was very fortunate with the weather and got a beautiful sunset by a lake I also met some campers who gave me grapes and baptized the bike with the name of Mama chari which is commonly used in japan for really old city bikes. After a while I started to call her “good mama”. The second day I got again some wind blowing in the back so I could make the record distance so far of 131km. I went up to Tombetsu where I found one this covered bus stops very modern and cozy. It was that nice that I even played some music!! The third day was the worst as I got the typhoon blowing and poring pretty much all day so I made it to Tokoro just 20km away from Abashiri.

The day after I made it to Abashiri really early in the morning and kept going up to a farm in Koshimizu where Chiba a host from Wharmshowers let me a place to sleep and some good feed for the night. He is 62 and been riding all over the world for 40 years so we exchanged many stories and he gave me some advice about touring. I also helped him and his brother to collect some beet in the farm which was quite fun.

After the last few days of many kilometers, my knee was quite sore. So I think I will try to keep it easy the next few days so I don’t break apart.

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