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“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just…

I got some fresh news!

Last weekend Fatima and I just decided on Saturday to go somewhere, so on that exact same day we went to buy a tent, some food and left to the east side heading to Toulouse direction.
We decided to go hitchhiking which turned to be not as easy as we thought it was going to be. We thought that it was going to be as easy as in Beçanson northeast part of France that we already travel around the region hitchhiking two years ago and was pretty easy.
That afternoon we got a bad ride which left us in a highway exit with no traffic at all and after one hour and a half we decided to return to Bayonne to start again. This time we stayed at the Toll. This was not a very good option as the police came and after a well deserved speech, drove us to a safest place to hitchhike. It was already late so finally another police car showed up from nowhere and drove us home. So the balance for the day was: a ride to nowhere, a ride from nowhere to the start point, a police car ride to a safe place to hitchhike and another police ride back home.
Probably the fact that we started a little bit late due to all the shopping and the rush decision, with a bad ride on top made us to return home that day to start properly on Sunday morning.

Hitch-hiking in our way to Toulose

Sunday was much better, we started at 8 am and go quite easy until we got stucked in a small town which took us almost 4 hours to get out from, but finally we arrived at Toulouse, our final destination, at 17.30, where we stayed at a Fatima’s friends for the night.

Next day we continued east direction to visit some beautiful towns that Fatima’s friends recommended: Gaillac, Albi, Cordes sur Ciel. Which are truly beautiful.
We stayed that night in Albi where we set up our tent and drunk a bottle of wine that we bought that day in Gaillac (Famous for its wines)

Panormic of Albi from one of its bridges

Next day we went to Cordes sur Ciel which it is a very touristy medieval town, and very beautiful. In the afternoon we came back to Toulouse were we met again our friends and visit a little bit more Toulouse spending some more time with our friends.

Wednesday morning, we decided to return to Bayonne as I had to work on Thursday afternoon in an Irish Pub.

We started a little bit late as we decided to have a nice and quite breakfast with our friend. So with a beautiful and shiny day we came back to Bayonne little by little between the National road, and the Highway. We got lucky as our last ride was just a little bit before camping in the side of the road which allowed us to get back home that night and sleep at home.

Sunset at Toulouse

Now everything seems to be going better as I have some work this weekend in the Irish pub and the weather it is being sunny and quite which also helps!

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