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Trans-Siberian Train from Moscow to Irkust 

After a few days in Rusia's capital we took the world famous trans-siberian train that runs 5153 km from Moscow to Irkust. The train take about 3 nights and a half as there are a 6 hour difference between this two cities. The route between them has a total of 19 stops of no  longer than 30 min, and goes over mayor cities in Rusia as Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Novosibirsk or Krasnoyarsk. Due to the short time of the stop, you can only get an insight of the city from its train station unless you decide to stay in the stop and take a following. 

So in this situation we decided to run! Not only to see as much as possible but to exercise a bit as you spend most of the time in te train sitting or lying. Some stations give you more stop time tha others so in some we could just go to the locomotive and back to the train. In some of them we even had time to do the groceries as the restaurant wagon is quite expensive. There are also a great variety of local food, and local products as Siberian hats or smoked fish.

Despite the train it is quite boring some times, the cabinets are confortable enough and it is also a good moment to meet other travelers and share stories and experiences. 
The views from the train changes but you may see mainly forests and the towns in the way. But pay attention or you may loose a beautiful river, lake, or sunset sight. 

I would say that the worst part is going through the time zones as the train runs in Moscow time but the restaurant wagon, the cities which you go through and the daylight runs in local time, so you kind of get time sickness through the trip and loosing time conciseness it is a normal thing. 

You also need to be lucky with your wagon assistant as some Russians may be not as kind as others.

I will let you know from Irkust and the Baikal lake in the next post.

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